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“Christ! Those new girls in the club are really something!” thought Monica, when she arrived GirlsWay. “I must invite them out here for a drink soon and find out if they’re just as horny as they look!” She imagines that they’re taking off her clothes and examining her cunt. “You won’t be quite so hungry my dears, when I’ve opened my legs and you’ve had a chance to get at the goodies!” thought Monica as her fingers caressed her cunt-lips. “There’s room for at least one tongue in my mlnge when I open the lips wide,” she smiled, becoming incredibly excited. “And in return i’ll look after those oozing cunts and throbbing clitorises of yours,” she whispered to herself, rubbing her own pulsating Girls Way clit with her delicate feminine fingers for all she was worth!

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Monica noticed that her own orifice was getting very moist. “Oh, why the hell didn’t I Invite them home tonight?” she asked herself, annoyed that she hadn’t thought of GirlsWay before. “Oh well, it just looks like I’ll have to do It to myself.” She turned over and lay on her side – her fingers began to massage her cunt, slowly at first and then faster and faster till she could feel the relief of orgasm breaking throughout her body. When daddy’s away – Justine will playl And daddy by the very nature of his job (master of a large -oil tanker) is often away! Not that Justine minds too much – The Girls Way life Is that much easier.

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She doesn’t feel that clothes are a necessary part of her Florida home-life -and that’s hardly surprising when you bear in mind that the temperature inside the house is 25 degrees plus – despite the efficient air conditioning system! So whenever “Pop” is sailing the “high seas”, she takes advantage of his absence by stripping off whatever little clothing she has on and letting the warm air caress her nubile body. How good It feels to be free of the restrictions of clothing! But warm air and masturbation will not suffice to rid Justine’s perfect body of Its need for sex and stimulation. Fortunately her girlfriend will be home again soon and once again she’ll be able to receive the love that her Girls Way body craves so much. “Oh Eloise, darling,” she thinks to herself, “hurry home to me – I need you so much!”

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As her fingers glide up and down her moist slit, she thinks back to the last GirlsWay afternoon that she spent with Eloise. She remembers just how tenderly they started their love making session and how wildly it had finished. Eloise’s experienced tongue had massaged her cunt-lips and clitoris in the privacy of her father’s elegant study. How good it had felt – she had known exactly which spot to caress and which to bite and had given Justine a body shattering orgasm within the first few minutes. But her first orgasm is like an apéritif, it wets her GirlsWay appetite in much the same way as an ice cold martini will waken one’s taste buds!

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After continuing her dominant rdle on the sofa, Eloise decides to enjoy a passive position as Justine reciprocates the pleasure. “Mmmmm,” murmurs Justine as Eloise’s bitter-flavoured cunt juice trickles into her mouth. “Ooooh,” sighs Eloise as her lover’s tongue forces its way into the very upper reaches of her excited cunt. “Deeper … deeper!” she moans as she presses her saliva and juice soaked minge firmly onto Justine’s face. “Give me the dildol” screams Eloise suddenly. And Justine gave It to her! She pummelled the black phallus in and out of her friend’s pussy for all she was worth! Eloise let out a sigh of GirlsWay pleasure each time the rubber glans found its mark in the depths of her womb.

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She spread her legs as wide as possible and closed her eyes, enjoying each precious second! Justine from smiled and said: “Darling, I love … I love you … more than anything else In this world … I’ll do anything for you … but please … just tell me what you want!” “Then fuck me from behind, sweetheart,” she said turning round and poking her arse in the air. She leant her head on one arm and tried to pull open her cunt, as wide as possible, with the other. Justine began to pump with all her might – she could feel Eloise’s lithe young body beginning to shake. “More, baby, more!” screamed Eloise, “I’m going to come!” “I know, darling,” whispered Justine softly, “I can feel your body becoming tense!” She continued to thrust the black dildo into the tight vagina. There was no resistance now – Eloise had discharged so much lubricative Girls Way juice that it could slide up and down with ease. “Aaaahh!” screamed Eloise as relief came with orgasm.

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When the throbbing in her clitoris had subsided, the Girls Way Eloise said: “I need some of that cunt juice of yours to refresh me!” Justine spread her legs accommodatingly and Eloise knelt down on all fours to quench her thirst! “Now I’m going to give you as hard a fucking as you gave me,” she whispered sexiiy to Justine. And she certainly did! A lesbian couple are visited by a photographer triend, who decides to see how photogenic the two are. The models soon forget that they are “on camera” in the excitement of kissing and caressing each other. Feeling left out, the photographer removes her clothes, revealing a perfectly shaven cunt. Soon the three chicks from are rolling around, kissing, groping and fucking each other with giant dildos!

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